Some new music

Condemner - Burning the Decadent (August 2018) This is hard hitting old school death metal that leans heavily on traditional speed metal for its cues, think early Slayer put through the blender of Sarcofago and Incantation. Although aesthetically this is death metal, Condemner’s riffcraft is actually heavily informed by primitive black metal such as Profanatica. … Continue reading Some new music


Slow death: Derketa and Faustcoven

Death/doom is a tricky one to pin down. Is it just death metal played slow? Or is it a different subgenre entirely? There’s probably too many variations to define it with any certainty. Doom metal proper aside, the tag is often something that happens to other genres, creating doomy versions of themselves. This spans death … Continue reading Slow death: Derketa and Faustcoven

Future noise: Timeghoul and Acerbus

Death metal, unlike its troubled cousin black metal, invariably benefits from sinking more tech into the recording process. This especially applies to the technical/progressive end of the spectrum. Those pesky drums are hard enough to capture at the best of times, let alone when they’re working their way through four different time signatures at once. … Continue reading Future noise: Timeghoul and Acerbus